Editor's Note: Diana Vreeland & Carine Roitfeld

Editor’s Note: Diana Vreeland & Carine Roitfeld

September 11, 2012 |  by  |  UR Style

This season two iconic fashion editors deepen their footprint on fashion history—one, posthumously, in a documentary about her life and the other with her own new fashion publication.


Mademoiselle Roitfeld

This year has definitely been a year of firsts for Carine Roitfeld. The ex-Vogue Paris editor in chief became a new grandmother in May when daughter Julia Restoin-Roitfeld had her first child. Now, Roitfeld is set to welcome a baby of her own, launching her new fashion magazine, CR Fashion Book.

The bi-annual publication, which hits newsstands September 13, dons a very Marilyn Monroe-like Kate Upton holding baby chicks on one of two debut covers—both of which were shot by photographer Bruce Weber.

“I am finding new ways to be irreverent with the shoots” she says, which will be “not necessarily safer, but different. You can’t put yourself into competition with a magazine like Vogue; you have to create something new, something different.” Roitfeld told Women’s Wear Daily.

All of the fuss of a new CR venture would not be complete without a documentary. The launch of CR Fashion Book will be the subject of Mademoiselle C, directed by Fabien Constant. The documentary, scheduled for release in October, will feature Roitfeld’s professional and personal life, following her journey in the creation and execution of her new magazine. There will also be interviews with Roitfeld’s colleagues and friends like Karl Lagerfeld, Tom Ford, and Donatella Versace.

Roitfeld also has a 21-piece collection for M.A.C cosmetics based on her signature “tired sexy” style.



The Traveling Eye

Diana Vreeland, the revolutionary fashion editor and legendary dictator of style is being celebrated in a new documentary. Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has To Travel is the first feature-length look into Vreeland’s life and work, highlighting the career of the “High Priestess of Fashion” and her influence on pop culture.

The documentary features vintage footage and interviews of Vreeland, while enlisting the help of fashion forces such as Anna Sui, Calvin Klein, and Manolo Blahnik to help tell the story of the daring icon’s existence in the publishing world.

Set for release in theatres on September 21, the documentary is sure to solidify Vreeland’s fashion immortality and show a new generation how one woman revolutionized the industry.


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