UR Shopping Bag: Nikki’s Magic Wand *Gift Idea*

UR Shopping Bag: Nikki’s Magic Wand *Gift Idea*

December 2, 2013 |  by  |  Beauty & Health

Looking for the perfect stocking stuffer for yourself or the makeup lover in your life? Nikki’s Magic Wand is the perfect gift.

We’ve all been there. You’re nearing the end of your favorite lip gloss and that always-too-short application wand won’t catch the last bits of product trapped in the bottom of the tube. There’s clearly enough gloss left to get you through the week or at least until your next Sephora run, but it just sits there, untouched, until you’re forced to toss it and re-up.

Fed up with throwing away makeup and money, Nicole Narvaez Manns decided to invent a tool that would ensure she didn’t have to toss either one. Nikki’s Magic Wand is designed to reach the bottom of any tube of lip gloss, allowing you to scoop out the last of your favorite M.A.C. Lipglass or Chanel Glossimer. Retailing at just under $10, you can pick up one for yourself and a few for friends.

chanel gloss*Bonus Use for Nikki’s Magic Wand*

UR Fashion Director, Naimah Ali, put her Wand to use for her hair and came out with shining results…

On my budget-ballin’ weeks, instead of purchasing a full bottle of Morrocanoil, which can run me about $43, I’ll buy the travel version for almost 15% less the price. However, my fave hair product isn’t always available near where I live. One night, I found myself in a bind, needing some way to get the last little bit of Morrocanoil I knew was still coating the bottom and corners of the bottle. I remembered that I snagged Nikki’s Magic Wands at the GBK Gifting Suite. Lifesaver! I was able to scrape the last of the product left in the bottle. I got enough to moisturize my mane before styling. I am sold and will guard my Magic Wand with my life. – Naimah Ali


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