Why Turquoise Should Be Your Go-To Summer Color...

Why Turquoise Should Be Your Go-To Summer Color…

July 5, 2014 |  by  |  Style

…Plus Three Easy Ways to Incorporate Turquoise Into Your Life!

Turquoise is a gorgeous color. Am I biased because it happens to be my favorite color? Honestly, yes. That said, this is a color you should be injecting into your wardrobe and makeup bag immediately, especially for summer.

Turquoise looks like the ocean, or the sky—two refreshingly summery elements. Plus, no one looks bad in turquoise; there are enough shades to flatter every complexion. But the main reason I’m all about turquoise right now is because it is such a statement color. You can buy a few turquoise accessories and wear them with a neutral or all-white outfit, and any one of those pieces will pop.

turqouise graphic

Since it’s such an “I’m here” hue, you only need to invest in a handful of items and it will completely change up your summer style. Need some ideas? Here are three easy ways to incorporate turquoise into your look now…

1. Nail Polish

turquoise nails_feature

You probably already know that painting your nails is great for wearing a bold color in a low-key way. Try the trend with turquoise nail polish. Super simple, no?

2. Hair Chalk

turquoise hair_feature

Since turquoise hair is so pretty and summery, why not try this hue with hair chalk? This is a fun way to add some temporary pizzazz to your hair without having to commit to a crazy color.

3. Accessories

turquoise access_feature

I think the turquoise gemstone looks amazing when crafted into necklaces or rings. However, being loaded up with real turquoise jewelry can make you look a little “out there.” To keep it more low-key, I suggest opting for other accessories in this lovely shade instead. How about a pair of sandals or a boho-y hairband? It’s hard to go wrong here, so nearly any type of accessory works.

Sold on this summer color? Or not so much? Sound off below!

[photos: pinterest; LAinspiration; peekmill]

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